What happened to The Prime Way Program: Divided?

Great question.

I’ve received the inquiry from countless readers. Each time, I’ve responded with “it will be released soon” and “the incomplete book is stored in my laptop.”

I could list various excuses as to why the last installment in the series isn’t on the market (other deadlines, an upcoming book release, life in general) but instead of filling this casual post with information of little value, I will instead share a few hints as to what will be contained within The Prime Way Program: Divided.

First and foremost, let me state for the record The Prime Way Trilogy will always hold a large chunk of my heart. It’s my coming-of-age. I started brainstorming the first book in ninth grade and over the course of my high school years, it gained life, launched my author career and taught me more than any classroom. I took a break from the series to write The Vestige, which will release this summer.

The Prime Way Program: Divided marks another milestone in my life. Like each preceding Prime Way book, it takes place two more years into the future, aging Kyle and Cora to my current life stage. Their world has drastically changed. Mine has, too. They deal with relational conflict, their life callings, fear, doubt and worries about the future—do you see any correlation between their situation and the life of a college student?

Book’s Opening . . .

I was transformed by the program.

Nothing is the same now.

Not me. Not Kyle.

Not the world.

It’s been two years since the Titan first started killing off Legionaries. He challenged us all to a game but killed ninety-percent of our soldiers before the fight for our survival could begin.

My brother is dead. So is Sarah and all of Kyle’s task force.

Europe is a nuclear wasteland.

The other continents have gone dark.

America is barely a flicker on earth’s rotating screen.

And I know that if things don’t change, its meager light will go out.

No, you haven’t been delivered a spoonful of spoilers. The passage above begins The Prime Way Program: Divided, sets the stage for all that is to come.

Why doesn’t the book follow-up Just Strength? Why skip so much conflict?

Since Divided will release several years after the previous book, its plot takes place on a level playing field, in a reformed world so new readers can enjoy the story without feeling lost. Another reason can best be said by Kyle in chapter 10 of Divided.

“A story doesn’t always begin at the beginning. Heck, is there ever really a beginning? A calm moment, sure. A time before all hell breaks loose, definitely. Not a beginning. Because before a story, there was another story—we live in a universe of infinite stories. A beginning is decided by the storyteller or historian. He or she decides the first few words, the instant a fraction of time becomes something worth remembering.”

A few more things to expect in The Prime Way Program: Divided . . .

-        Technological advancements in Legionary warfare. (SciFi fans, you will be pleased.)

-        Science-fiction-infused apocalyptic world.

-        Betrayal to the max.

-        Romantic situations that will cause you to love and hate me.

-        The Prime Way Program is explained.