The Glass Door Gave Me a Bloody Nose: A Personal Update


Unexpected seems expected. We exert energy and spend countless hours knocking on the doors of opportunities. A door opens, so we celebrate. But wait. There’s a glass door behind the first door. And surprise, surprise . . . there’s a screen door beyond the glass.

When an opportunity presents itself, I tend to indulge in premature fist pumps, then sprint through the open door and slam against that pesky glass divider.

Five months ago, I head-bumped adversity.

Glass door: 1

Caroline: 0

I graduated from Belmont University and traded skyscrapers and prestigious coffeehouses for lake views and an overused Keurig. When I handed over the keys to my Nashville home, I handed over the plans I thought would become my reality—I said goodbye to job offers, friends, the future I concocted for myself.

The unexpected smacked me in the face.

Now, I sit at my family’s dining room table with a giant hound sprawled across my feet and a cup of coffee in my hand, ready to return to the blogosphere with more content and a renewed mindset.

What I’ve learned from this season of adjustment:

  • Sometimes unexpected change allows us to take a step back, rethink our dreams, and move forward with more strength, gumption, and insight.
  • Shame comes from giving up, not proactive waiting.
  • Breakthrough will occur with time and hard work.
  • Appreciating our current situations prepares us for the blessings to come.

Because of a so-called setback, I was able to travel to California, finish my latest book, and dream bigger dreams. I’m excited to begin my literary agent journey with Cyle Young, speak at writing conferences, and offer public relations services to authors.

Some other personal announcements: