Workplace Highlight: Coffee & Coconuts

Nashville is home to hundreds of bloggers, freelancers, writers and entrepreneurs who make local coffeehouses their preferred workspaces. With so many available options, choosing a location is often a challenge.

This post highlights one of the many caffeine dealers: Coffee & Coconuts.

Coffee - Coconuts 2.jpg

Saturdays are my designated GET STUFF DONE days. During the week, my schedule is packed with school, work, church and basic life tasks. On the weekends, I give myself time to be creative, which often means I end up at various coffeehouses.

Coffee & Coconuts in Franklin, Tennessee is my chosen writing haven this weekend. With beachy décor, turquoise floors and eclectic seating, the coffeehouse offers a mini vacation for Nashville laptop addicts like me.

Overview: Coffee & Coconuts is a family-run business located a few miles outside of Nashville. It sells a variety of coffee, pastries (like zucchini muffins), café meals, acai bowls and coconut water. Fresh flowers and white walls make Coffee & Coconuts a bloggers’ paradise. Wi-Fi is a tad spotty, but the tropical atmosphere makes up for it.

I give Coffee & Coconuts a FOUR out of FIVE STARS for LAPTOP ADDICT FRIENDLINESS.

Coffee - Coconuts 1.jpg

When I arrived at Coffee & Coconuts, I ordered a pumpkin spice latte and curled up on a pillow-lined bench seat with my latest read, “The Burning World” by Isaac Marion. I spent an hour warming up my creativity with coffee and Marion’s brilliant words, then dove into my own manuscript. 

Coffee - Coconuts 3.jpg

If you love Lana del Ray vibes, funky chairs and seaside aesthetic, Coffee & Coconuts is the workspace for you!

Comment below your coffeehouse recommendation. I am always on the lookout for new workspaces.