Captivated by the culture-shaping power of stories, I strive to tell and advocate for narratives that imagine, inspire and influence by pairing public relations efforts, inclusive of social media campaigns and grassroots outreach, with individualistic services such as brand coaching, ghost writing and editing.

My vision: To use creativity and business knowledge to advocate for stories that add value to organizations, individuals and their targeted publics.



Stories, in their many forms, consume my time and energy. A Belmont University graduate with a double-major in publishing and public relations, I aim to pursue a career committed to helping authors, publishers and organizations project their stories to their publics. I hope to modernize the publishing industry by harnessing public relations principles.

My work experience includes positions with BookGrabbr, HarperCollins Publishing, Hillsong Sydney, Mainstreet Productions and Cyle Young Literary Elite. I spend my time blogging, writing for various magazines, agenting and authoring young adult fiction books (my current publications include “The Prime Way Trilogy” and “The Vestige”). I consider myself a not-so-Southern Georgia peach, coffee-junkie, bona fide goofball and delight in being best known for writing the phrase, “Coffee first. Save the world later.”

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Live a story worth telling.

Write a story worth reading.

Advocate a story worth sharing.


Literary Services

Since modern publishing places an emphasis on both content quality and author platform, I offer editing packages, brand coaching and media services to help your message reach a larger audience.


Promotional Services

You are your story’s best advocate. However, when you partner with a publicist who understands your vision, you increase your advocating ability. I strive to add value to your story by pairing campaigns with media outreach and grassroots efforts.


Why your story needs an advocate . . . 

Millions of stories fight for the public’s attention. To make a stance on the storytelling battleground, I harness the power of print and digital media, outreach and public advocacy to bring awareness to stories worth sharing while also fostering mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

My weapon of choice: Public relations.

Public relations juggles ethical obligations and communication while managing and developing content that aligns with an organization’s values. Content, when cultivated, tells stories.

And stories capture the public’s attention.

Help your message cut through the chaos. Enlist the help of a story advocate.