Date:               March 31, 2017

Contact:         Caroline George





YA author Caroline George defies odds and steps into her next career chapter with latest apocalyptic book, "The Vestige" (June 2017 from Evernight Teen)

(Nashville, Tenn.) – The publishing industry transformed over the past decade due to technological advancements. Traditional models of publication unraveled, allowing authors, agents and publishers to conduct business through new channels and mediums. Because of the change, many publishing professionals, authors and readers pondered the question: Has the publishing world come to an end?

Caroline George, author of "The Prime Way Trilogy" and "The Vestige" (Evernight Teen, June 2017), adapted to what some would consider a post-apocalyptic publishing landscape by incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship into her writing platform.

After agents told her she was too young to have an author career, teenage George self-published her first two books without professional assistance and started what would become a thriving business. George recognized new opportunities within media and publishing, noted the needs and desires of readers her age, then structured her marketing plan accordingly.

“Authors are entrepreneurs,” said George. “To be successful in the publishing industry, a writer must be able to view their art as a product and then strategically discover ways to sell the product. If authors, agents and publishers aren’t willing to adapt to market trends, they become irrelevant and ultimately, won’t survive in post-apocalyptic publishing.”

"The Vestige,"George’s latest young adult novel, released June 2017 from Evernight Teen. The book revolves around the questions: What if the end of the world has already occurred? What if our final demise happened slowly, secretly . . . and we’ve been kept oblivious to it all?

“I was sitting in Starbucks when I realized my life was pretty. The people around me sipping their lattes were pretty. The shopping mall across the highway was filled with pretty things. But when I checked my Yahoo news feed and saw disturbing headlines, I concluded that my life is nothing more than an illusion: The world isn’t a pretty place, yet it is unbelievably easy for people to go throughout their day without noticing the dirt,” said George. “'The Prime Way Program' was my coming-of-age. 'The Vestige' is for the world; it’s a declaration, a call to action.”

George continues to prove her survivor instincts through her online platform. She says she’s in the business of content marketing—her social media's unified lifestyle aesthetic attracts the attention of thousands, she promotes her blog posts through Facebook and Twitter, all of which gain hundreds of hits. 

“People first saw my age as a hindrance,” said George, “but I’ve used it to my advantage, spent my younger years developing a business so it’d flourish. I am a young adult writing for young adults—there’s value in that. Publishing is different from how it used to be. However, the potential for revenue and platform growth is, in my opinion, greater than it’s ever been.”

Readers praise George’s writing, calling it “stunning,” “strong” and “brilliant.” Her upcoming books include "The Prime Way Program: Divided” and “Isle of Erstwhile.”


Caroline George commits her time and energy to telling stories in their many forms. A Belmont University graduate with a double-major in publishing and public relations, Caroline aims to pursue a career committed to helping authors, publishers and organizations project their stories to their publics. She spends her time blogging, writing for various magazines, agenting and authoring young adult fiction books (her current publications include “The Prime Way Trilogy” and “The Vestige”). She considers herself a not-so-Southern Georgia peach, coffee-junkie, bona fide goofball and delights in being best known for writing the phrase, “Coffee first. Save the world later.”

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Suggested Interview Questions for:

"The Vestige", by Caroline George

  1. What inspired you to write a book showcasing the danger of ignorance?

  2. You published your first two books while in high school. What are some of the most important things you learned during the publishing process?

  3. How does "The Vestige" differ from your previous work? Would you mind telling us more about the book?

  4. What do you hope readers will gain from reading "The Vestige"?

  5. Awareness is the book's call to action. What are steps people can take to ensure they’re aware of current events?

  6. Tell us about your experience writing "The Vestige". What is your usual writing process?

  7. If you could meet any of your characters, who would it be and why?

  8. You’ve been in the publishing business for over five years. What advice would you give writers wanting to one day publish?

  9. Why do you write young adult science fiction and apocalyptic books?

  10. If you lived in "The Vestige" world, would you be ignorant or aware?

  11. The last book in "The Prime Way Trilogy" is your next planned release. Do you have any hints you can share with us regarding the plot, what we can expect?

  12. Do you believe the events described in "The Vestige" will happen?




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