About me

When someone asks me to describe myself, I say, “Highly motivated and extremely dangerous.” Relentless—that’d also go into the adjective mix.

Five years of relentlessness gave me three published young adult novels, opportunities to speak in venues across the Southeast, and three nominations for the Georgia Author of the Year Award all by the age of 20. Now a literary agent, conference speaker and award-winning author, I value the opportunity to share my experiences with others.

Girl Meets Publishing World is a writing-focused blog for millennial creatives. It’s an authentic, empowering celebration of creativity and submersion into the ups and downs of being a life-loving author. 

Thanks for stepping through the looking glass or wardrobe, as it were, and joining me in the imaginative, complex world of publication.



Official Writing Playlist:

Caroline George
Author Caroline George draws you into the story from the first sentence and keeps you riveted to the end. With her amazing grasp of the English language and her sophisticated understanding of the human heart, she weaves together a simple romance in the midst of a complex world.
— Sharon Wilharm, Providence, The Good Book
Unique premise, wonderful writing, capturing conflict, and strong characters that will stick in your memory long after reading. Teen readers will want to fight sleep before they can put down this one! I have no doubt that Caroline George has a bright future ahead of her.
— Tessa Emily Hall, Purple Moon, Unwritten Melody
Mistrusting world. Untold destruction. When the action begins, there is no coming up for air.
— Christine Rees, The Hidden Legacy