Caroline George, author of The Prime Way Trilogy and The Vestige, is a two-time Georgia Author of the Year nominee, speaker, blogger and writer for teen magazine PURSUE. 


Caroline resides in Nashville where she spends the majority of her time in hipster coffeehouses, sipping lavender mochas and undertaking over-the-top projects. She studies publishing and public relations at Belmont University and leads Local Publishing, a creative division of ministry My Local.


"Unique premise, wonderful writing, capturing conflict and strong characters that will stick in your memory long after reading. Teen readers will want to fight sleep before they can put down this one! I have no doubt that Caroline George has a bright future ahead of her."

- Tessa Emily Hall, author of Purple MoonUnwritten Melody

The Prime Way Program

The Prime Way Program
Be the Victor

The Prime Way Program

The Prime Way Program
Just Strength


The Vestige

If someone asked me to describe myself, I’d most likely say, “Highly motivated and extremely dangerous.” Stubborn—that’d also go into the adjective mix.
Stories have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Writing went from being a cathartic activity meant to distract my mind from reality to a burning passion and life calling. I self-published my first book when I was 15 because 1) my goal was to be published by age 16 and 2) agents said I was TOO YOUNG to have an author career.
The Prime Way Program was my coming of age. The Vestige, I’m proud to say, is for you.
— Caroline George


The publishing industry has taught me valuable entrepreneurial skills. I’ve had the honor of leading writing workshops, speaking at schools and other venues. However, the highlight of my experience thus far has been meeting young writers with big dreams some would call impossible. Their fire and talent has encouraged me to continue my writing journey with young determination.


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been across Europe, the United States and summer 2017, I’ll be going to work in Sydney, Australia. Surfing is a subtle obsession of mine—I believe I’m a surfer bro at heart. I also love exploring new environments and living life to the fullest whether I’m at home or in a foreign country.


I consider coffee a food group. My favorite drinks are Lavender Mochas, Cubans, Pour-Overs and Flat Whites. If someone asks to take me to lunch, I usually recommend a local café so I can munch on a glorious combination of salad and espresso.

Local Publishing, a creative division of ministry My Local, strives to lead people to Christ through fiction and nonfiction projects that magnify fearless, Biblical truth and the wild freedom found in salvation, providing authentic content that shatters stereotypes and empowers a new generation of God-followers.

In regards to their authors, Local Publishing seeks to empower a new generation of evangelists through the written word.